Fall Semester

Pflanzenbiologie II - 2 ECTS

Günter Hoch, Markus Fischer
Die Vorlesungsreihe stellt eine Einführung in die grundlegenden Konzepte und Mechanismen der ökophysiologie und der Stressphysiologie von Pfanzen dar. Die Studierenden lernen die Konzepte der ökologischen Pflanzenphysiologie von der einzelnen Zelle bis zum ökosystem. Zudem wird der Einfluss aktueller Umweltänderungen behandelt.

Praktikum zu Pflanzenbiologie II - 2 ECTS

Günter Hoch, Markus Fischer
Das Praktikum ergänzt die einführende Vorlesung zu ökophysiologie und Stressphysiologie der Pflanzen und führt die wichtigsten Methoden der ökologischen Pflanzenphysiologie ein. Die Studierenden werden wichtige ökophysiologische Parameter im Feld und in Laborexperimenten messen, analysieren und präsentieren.

Lecture Series in Plant and Animal Conservation Ecology (PACE) - 1.5 ECTS

Raphaël Arlettaz, Markus Fischer
The goal of this lecture series is to provide students with a broad view of conservation research and practice, and to contribute to bridging the gap between the two. We invite people working in biodiversity conservation within different professional frameworks (NGOs, federal and cantonal administration, media), as well as people carrying out conservation research. Each speaker provides materials which the students have to study beforehand.


Plant Ecology Seminar - 1.5 ECTS

Eric Allan, Markus Fischer
Members of the Plant Ecology group, collaborators, and guests present their latest research, or discuss their ideas for future research. A great opportunity for students to hear research talks, participate in scientific discussions and to learn about the questions and methods used in our group. 

Global Change Ecology - 1.5 ECTS

Daniel Prati, Markus Fischer
Seminar about the ecological and evolutionary impact of global change on plants and animals, and about the different drivers of global change, including climate change, land use and biological invasions. Students learn about the latest methods and some of the hottest and most controversial topics in current global change research. The seminar is organised as an interactive discussion group.

Statistical Analysis of Experiments for Plant Ecologists: An Introduction to R - 3 ECTS

Daniel Prati, Markus Fischer
An overview on experimental design and statistical analyses for plant ecologists. After a short recap of the basics, the course focuses on univariate analyses of experimental studies, incl. linear models, random effect and mixed models and the analysis of more complex designs such as split-plots and nested designs. The course also introduces R, a free software for statistical analyses and graphics.

Colloquium in Plant Sciences - 1.5 ECTS

Eric Allan, Matthias Erb, Markus Fischer, Oliver Heiri, Cris Kuhlemeier, David Newbery, Doris Rentsch, Willy Tinner
A series of lectures given by invited external speakers on a broad range of molecular, physiological and ecological subjects. The colloquium is jointly organised by all groups at the Institute of Plant Sciences.&;