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Invited speakers present their work

Topics in Plant Biology presented by invited speakers


Institute of Plant Sciences
Altenbergrain 21, main auditorium


Mondays during the semester at 16:15-17:30 h

Autumn Semester 2019


 Speaker / Lecture Title                        


16.09.2019 Prof. Dr. Achim Walter, ETH Zürich
Smart Farming and field imaging approaches in agriculture
PD Dr. Z. Tadele



21.10.2019 Prof. Dr. Benjamin Towbin, IZB, Universität Bern
Optimal Phenotypic Plasticity of Organismal Growth and Body Size
Prof. Dr. P. Jullien
28.10.2019 Prof. Dr. Eric Schranz, Wageningen University, NL
Comparing Plant and Animal Genomes: Using Network-based microsynteny analysis to identify major differences and genomic outliers
Prof. Dr. C. Parisod
04.11.2019 Prof. Dr. Kirsten Bomblies, ETH Zürich
The adaptive evolution of meiosis and recombination in response to genome and habitat change
Prof. Dr. C. Parisod


25.11.2019 Dr. Angelica Feurdean, Biodiversity and Climate Centre, Frankfurt am Main
Ecosystem resilience to disturbance by fire determined from fossil records
Prof. Dr. W. Tinner
02.12.2019 Dr. Etienne Bucher, Agroscope
Mobilized transposable elements as a tool for crop improvement
Prof. Dr. P. Jullien
09.12.2019 Dr. Michael Raissig, Centre for Organismal Studies, University of Heidelberg
Title - to be announced
Prof. Dr. M. Erb
16.12.2019 Dr. Harald Auge, vom Helmholtz Zentrum für Umweltforschung (UFZ)
Effects of consumers on plant species coexistence, invasion and productivity
Prof. Dr. E. Allan