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Topics in Plant Biology presented by invited speakers


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Institute of Plant Sciences
Altenbergrain 21, main auditorium


Mondays during the semester at 16:15-17:30 h

Autumn Semester 2022


 Speaker / Lecture Title                        


19.09.2022 Prof. Dr. Anne Roulin, Universität Zürich
Transposable element evolution in plants: What can we (still) learn from small genomes?
Prof. Dr. M. Raissig
10.10.2022 Prof. Rodrigo Reis
RNA shape and function
Prof. Dr. D.Rentsch

24.10.2022 Sébastien Hug & Elsa Callini, UniBe Innovation Office
How to turn your ideas into impactful innovations, and how we can help you!
Prof. Dr. M. Erb
31.10.2022 Dr. James Hartwell, University of Liverpool
Functional dissection of the molecular genetic blueprint underlying Crassulacean acid metabolism and its daily optimisation by the circadian clock
Prof. Dr.  M. Raissig
07.11.2022 Prof Dr. Benjamin Blackman, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Sunflower Development and Domestication in Space and Time
Prof. Dr. C. Kuhlemeier
14.11.2022 Dr. Jieshun Lin
Save nitrogen fertiliser-the way to achieve high symbiotic nitrogen fixation efficiency in legumes
Prof. Dr. D.Rentsch

Prof. Dr. Markus Albert, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Molecular Mechanisms during Plant – Plant Interactions

Prof. Dr. M. Erb / Dr. Lei Wang
28.11.2022 PD Dr. Diana Santelia, ETH Zürich
Starch metabolism in stomatal guard cells
Prof. Dr. D. Rentsch
Dr. Joana Bergmann, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research
Plant functioning considered from below ground – the root economics space and its extensions
Prof. Dr. E. Allan / Dr. G. Rutten

19.12.2022 Prof. Oliver Heiri, Universität Basel
Traces of ecosystems past: Biotic remains in lake sediments as indicators of changing landscapes, ecosystems and environments
Prof. Dr. W. Tinner