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Current work: Hester Sheehan

Previous work has demonstrated the importance of a single MYB transcription factor in determining pollinator attraction (Hoballah et al., 2007).

Petunia axillaris

Left panel, P.axillaris and a transgenic P.axillaris::AN2 differ exclusively in petal color. Right panel, the transgenic plant is more attractive to the bumblebee Bombus terrestris and less so to the hawkmoth Manduca sexta.
We focus on the molecular mechanisms characterising the difference in flower colour between P. axillaris and P. exserta, and how important these mechanisms are for pollinator attraction.


Hoballah, ME; Gübitz, T; Stuurman, J; Broger, L; Barone, M; Mandel, T; Dell'Olivo, A; Arnold, M; Kuhlemeier, C ; Single Gene–Mediated Shift in Pollinator Attraction in Petunia; Plant Cell 2007 19: 779-790.  Mar 2007