Dr. Bruno X. Pinho

Post doc

Plant Ecology

+41 31 684 49 23
T 105, main building, 1st floor
Postal Address
University of Bern
Institute of Plant Sciences
Plant Ecology
Altenbergrain 21
3013 Bern

Research Interests

My research aims to elucidate the drivers of biodiversity in space and time from local to biogeographical scales, with particular emphasis on the functional assembly of plant communities along natural environmental gradients and in response to human-imposed disturbances. My goal is to capture the major forces acting in the context of human-modified landscapes, which should define thresholds for biodiversity persistence and ecosystem services provisioning.
I am currently working on the synthesis group of the Biodiversity Exploratories project.

Number of items: 16.

Journal Articles

Jakovac CC*, Meave JA, Bongers F, Letcher SG, Dupuy JM, Piotto D, […] Pinho BX, […], & Poorter, L. (2022) Strong floristic distinctiveness across Neotropical successional forests. Science Advances 8 (26), eabn1767.

Pinho BX*, Trindade DPF, Peres CA, Jamelli D, de Lima RAF, Ribeiro EMS, Melo FPL, Leal IR, & Tabarelli M. (2022) Cross-scale drivers of woody plant species commonness and rarity in the Brazilian drylands. Diversity and Distributions 28, 1497-1511.

Pyles MV*, Magnago LFS, Maia VA, Pinho BX, Pitta G, de Gasper AL, Vibrans AC, dos Santos RM, van den Berg E, & Lima RAF (2022) Human impacts as the main driver of tropical forest carbon. Science Advances 8 (24), eabl7968.

Maynard DS*, Bialic-Murphy L, Zohner CM, Averill C, van den Hoogen J, Ma H, […], Pinho BX, […], & Crowther T (2022) Global relationships in tree functional traits. Nature Communications 13, 3185.

Guillemot J*, Martin-StPaul NK, Bulascoschi L, Poorter L, Morin X, Pinho BX, [...], & Brancalion PHS (2022) Small and slow is safe: On the drought tolerance of tropical tree species. Global Change Biology 28, 2622-2638.

Poorter L*, Craven D, Jakovac CC, van der Sande MT, Amissah L, Bongers F, […], Pinho BX, [...], & Hérault B (2021) Multidimensional tropical forest recovery. Science, 374,1370-1376.

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Barros MF*, Pinho BX, Leão T, & Tabarelli M (2017) Soil attributes structure plant assemblages across an Atlantic forest mosaic. Journal of Plant Ecology, 11, 613-622.

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Ribeiro-Neto JD*, Pinho BX, Meyer S, Wirth R, Leal IR (2012) Drought stress drives intraspecific choice of food plants by Atta leaf-cutting ants. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 144, 209-215.


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