Dr. Dominic Martin

Post doc

Plant Ecology

+41 31 684 49 37
T 109, main building, 1st floor
Postal Address
University of Bern
Institute of Plant Sciences
Plant Ecology
Altenbergrain 21
3013 Bern

My research focuses on sustainability transformations in land systems, aiming at informing policies that improve outcomes for people and nature. Specifically, I work towards understanding trade-offs and co-benefits between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and agricultural productivity and how these are affected by land management practices, including forest restoration and agroforestry. Furthermore, I’m passionate about open science, science communication, and collaborations with junior and senior researchers from diverse disciplinary and geographical backgrounds.

For my PhD, I’ve worked in smallholder agricultural land systems in Madagascar, investigating how vanilla agroforests can be managed to serve biodiversity, ecosystem services, and yields. During previous PostDocs, I worked on various research syntheses projects within the field of land system science.

Since March 2023, I work as a PostDoc on the synthesis subproject of the large interdisciplinary project “The role of nature for human well-being in the Kilimanjaro Social-Ecological System”.

Journal Articles

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