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Understanding of how plants function, grow and develop, and complete their life cycles, has been of fundamental scientific interest for centuries. Today, basic research covers many scales that integrate physiology and ecology, from molecules to cells through to whole plants and vegetation. Important applications are to be found in areas such as agriculture, conservation and climate change.

The Institute of Plant Sciences carries out research in Plant Development, Molecular Plant Physiology, Chemical Ecology, Plant Ecology, Community Ecology and Palaeoecology. It contributes to the teaching programs in BSc Biology and to several MSc courses

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26.05.20 Ecology Letters
19.05.20 Uni Bern Media Release
15.04.20 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellows

First Family Day at the IPS

Our first family day at the IPS took place on Sept. 20th. Fifteen kids and their parents joined for a very enthusiastic and dynamic afternoon! The kids (and parents) played around, got to know each others, teamed up to look for an hidden treasure and shared an amazing Zvieri around a fire in the botanical garden.
Thank you to all organizers, contributors and participants! We will repeat it next year.

23.08.19 PNAS blog


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