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Invited speakers present their work

Topics in Plant Biology presented by invited speakers


Institute of Plant Sciences
Altenbergrain 21, main auditorium


Mondays during the semester at 16:15-17:30 h

Autumn Semester 2017


 Speaker / Lecture Title                        



02.10.2017 Prof. Dr. David Eldridge, University of New South Wales, Australia
Herbivore activity as a driver of ecosystem structure and function


Prof. Dr. E. Allan

09.10.2017 Prof. Dr. Christian Parisod, Institute of Plant Sciences
Radiation of duplicated genomes under environmental challenges
Prof. Dr. C. Parisod

23.10.2017 PD Dr. Alexandra Weigelt, University of Leipzig
Does resource partitioning drive biodiversity effects? Evidence from the Jena Experiment
Prof. Dr. E. Allan
30.10.2017 Dr. Jörg Romeis, Agroscope Reckenholz
Assessing the environmental impact of insect-resistant transgenic plants
Prof. Dr. M. Erb

06.11.2017 Dr. Bérangère Leys, Kansas State University
Consequences of nutrient availability on long-term vegetation dynamics
Prof. Dr. W. Tinner
13.11.2017 Prof. Dr. Daniel Croll, University of Neuchâtel
How plant pathogens evolve the ability to cause disease in agricultural ecosystems
Prof. Dr. M. Erb
20.11.2017 Dr. Pascal-Antoine Christin, University of Sheffield
Lateral gene transfers fueled recurrent transitions to major ecological innovations
Prof. Dr. C. Parisod
27.11.2017 Prof. Dr. Laure Weisskopf, University of Fribourg
The smell of bacteria and its impact on plant growth and health
Prof. Dr. M. Erb

04.12.2017 Dr. Richard Maycock, Dow AgroSciences
Current and future global perspectives in crop protection
PD Dr. Z. Tadele


11.12.2017 Prof. Dr. Julia Vorholt, ETHZ
The leaf microbiota: disassembling and rebuilding to explore plant microbe interactions

Prof. Dr. D. Rentsch

18.12.2017 Dr. Anita Narwani, EAWAG Dübendorf
Title - to be announced
Prof. Dr. E. Allan